เหตุใดจ่าสิบเอกคนนั้นถึงกราดยิงผู้บริสุทธิ์ (บทความภาษาอังกฤษ)

n the future of disruptive world,if I am able to make the documentary film about Sergeant Major Chakaphan Thomma who committed the worst Mass shooting in Thai history , what will the title of this film I have already made be ? Perhaps I will give it not so uncanny name like 'In a Mind of Monster' or 'On the Way to Psychopathy' with the poster of his selfie picture focusing on his eyes below some part of Chakaphan's helmet in front of the blaze of explosion.

Chakapan was a psychopath.Most of the psychopaths used to endure the troubled childhood beleaguered by the various kinds of abuse from even their parents.That's why they are always emotionally detached from anyone.They are never aware of life worthiness, and consider other people as merely 'a thing' to exploit or destroy.The famous Psychopath before this was the con man who disguised himself as a millionaire and successfully tricked anyone ,even the beautiful woman to marry him ,though they had just met for only 2 days.

This leads to my semi research of life belonging to the most prolific Spree Killer of Thailand by the in-depth interviews with Chakaphan's acquaintance for the profound view for my documentary film.One of the benefits of this film will be preventing a person with such state of mind to inflict the catastrophe on the public again.

First ,I must wait for the time to heal the wounds ,and search for the address of Chakaphan's mother which might be not like searching for a needle in haystack,but need the extraordinary courage to do so.If I succeed and she consents for a full interview, I can ask her about his family background and childhood ,whether he grew up to be a normal adult or ,whether he found his father or other male relative as his role model ,whether he used to face the abuses ,the sexual abuses, or at least the bullies.Furthermore, I must go to interview his childhood friend and girlfriend (if he had) for these issues too. Most impossible of all , I will be mercifully granted for some intimate investigation with his other senior officers and colleagues in the army.

The problems for the interviews in such a notorious case ,if not rejected, are that they tend to lie or tell me with their own versions of truth because they might avoid sharing the blame in this hideous crime.But more serious problem is about my inability to make the film, the following is my sole fictitious analysis.If Chakapan's life is not so, please imagine that's someone else's that could happen in any part of the Thai society.

Chakaphan presumably was a timid and weak boy ,constantly pushed around by the friends .He might experience the violent domestic fight .So the decision to join the army seemed to compensate for his ideal manhood and his well-built body along with the brilliant skill of Marksmanship might help him to cover his unpleasant past. Chakaphan's increasing psychopathic tendencies were still indiscernible as it overlapped with a mind of rank and file trained to be a killing machine.His instinct of destruction had been aroused by some sorts of psychiatrist's cliche like an addiction to the computer games, and the 'Copy Cat' from the Hollywood's action films and the restless crime news.His Facebook ,already banned, implied that he had been fantasized with the Mass Shooting in Norway and the teacher killing the innocent people, while committing the gold shop robbery.These kinds of post are not unusual among the Thai Netizens who hope their posts will attract as much Like clicking as possible.

The military career finally disillusioned Chakapan and he was thrown into the troubled life like when he was young.The rampant corruptions and abuses by his superior offices threatened to diminish his long cherished manhood.That was the last straw.The Psychopathic symptoms were that he didn't just stop after killing his superior officer and the people involved.

As Chakapan had tremendously despised his army for a long time ,and blamed them for his downfall.He couldn't drag the arms he had robbed to blow off the beautiful head of best protected Commander-in Chief in Bangkok, so his sick mind transferred the hatred to the ordinary folks ,most were relishing in the Department Store.I try to re-enact the scene the depressed Sergeant Major used to hang around there for many times.He might pose the question of the crowd nearby to himself like 'Why on earth is everyone feeling so happy ,while I am only one who feels the opposite ?'

Moreover, I presume he never had the opportunities of participating with the real war which he long considered the symbol of utmost manhood, except in the computer games.With this mindless carnage,he finally fulfilled his desire for being the bravest soldiers via his comments and lives from Facebook, before departing from this earth.

Apart from talking about the corruptions in Army and its embarrassing failure to protect the public safety (I am sure I will never be allowed to do so), my film should lead to the discussion whether the Psychiatry in Thai Royal Army has been officially supported ,and whether the personnel have been open with their mental problems.The Chauvinism in Thai style plausibly hinders these as they are interpreted as exhibiting their vulnerability.In addition,Thailand has never experienced the major armed conflicts for a long time ,so Thai authority might be unable to catch up with the mental problems like the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) ubiquitous among the US veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

My documentary film will end with the news footage of our dear Commander-in-Chief shedding the tears ,accepting the blame on only himself , but will never resign (that's easy because other powers that be are let off the hook and no one can literally bring General Aphirat to the justice).And I will pose the question whether the psychopaths in the Army should be exclusively the non-commissioned officers.

....Or probably including the big one who tried to conceal his symptoms with the idiotic smile and the mini heart gesture ?