5th year to commemorate UDD 2010 crack down, the future of victims is still doom

Today is the 5th year to commemorate the day that Abhisit Vejjajiva started cracking down the United front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) camp site on Rajadamri. It started with the killing of Seh. Daeng or Gen. Kattiya Sawasdiphol. He was gunned down near a subway station next to King Rama VI statue. Then the Abhisit government started circling the UDD camp sites, more than 60 died with no one' s responsibility.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and some 'good spirit volunteers' run a campaign 'Big Cleaning Day' washed away any possible evidience of mass killing in the heart of Bkk.
There is no charge against whom on the burnt down of 32 sites in Bkk. Strange enough that the Abhisit government could not file any charge against UDD or anyone. Or perhaps, leaving it blank would be more benefit
to its government.
Up until now, no justice has been brought to the fallen men, women, and kids. 
Many UDD supporters have been jailed not as political prisoners but as criminals.
The PDRC movement in 2013-14 also changed the course of 2010 crackdown. After taking over the feeling of the crowd on a draft Blanket amnesty law 2013, the Democrat-turned-PDRC called for 'Reformation before Election' right after Yingluck Shinawatra government dissolved the parliament. The PDRC kept asking for the royal intervention, which is unconstitutional. The flash mobs are raised against the UDD or any possible pro-democratic acts.
As a result, the PDRC held and seized government offices so-called 'Shut Down Bangkok', draw military intervention by announcing Martial Law on May 20, 2014.
I recalled the same feeling back in 1991, smelling some bad news.
then came the May 22, 2014 Coup, which still holds its supremacy.
Even the junta lift the use of Martial Law, they apply the article 44 in the Interim Constitution 2014, which is more villain.
The application of article 44 brings Thailand back to General Sarit Thanarat in 1959.
The PDRC leaders seek asylum in yellow robe, some lamely joined the reformation meeting under junta's lead, some announce that they are ready for the 'next election' (when exactly?).
As for the PDRC protesters silently join 'reformation' without voice.
Only the bureaucrats and technocrats enjoy the ride with the junta. 
I should point out that the junta leaders have involved in 2010 crack down too. 
The future of 2010 crackdown victims are still doom....

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