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The 5th Statement on the Political Situation in Thailand
The Coalition on Democracy and Sexual Diversity Rights
Statement against the use of sexually discriminatory language as a political tool of attack

In recent months, Thailand has experienced escalating political unrest and instability caused by partisan politics.  The situation has yet to be resolved through productive dialogue or compromise. All groups, political parties, and colors of affiliations have used hostility and perpetuated propaganda at political gatherings and through social media as tools to slander oppositional groups. Most disturbing is the use of sexist, misogynistic, and denigrating language as political weapons.

The continuation of this rhetoric of violence, discrimination, and hate cannot be permitted. This behavior infringes and demeans the human dignity of women and contradicts the fundamental concept of equality under universal human rights principles, the CEDAW convention, and Thai democratic norms, all of which must be upheld. The coalition is deeply concerned by the use of prejudiced and intimidating language and urges all parties to cease such activity.

Recently on 13 January 2014, Assistant Professor Prasert Wasinanukorn, Faculty Member at Songklanagarind University, Hatyai Campus delivered on-stage verbal attacks towards Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatr during a People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) rally.

The following statements are excerpts taken from his speech:

1. If Khun Yingluck resigns from her position as a Prime Minister, all the Thais might award her a medal with her naked picture on it.

2. If Yingluck is expecting a baby, please listen carefully, I will send her an ox-cart to pick her up to give birth in Hat Yai. I will also do a virginal repair surgery for her as a giveaway. I guarantee that her next husband will definitely give her a thumbs-up.

3. It’s not too late for Khun Yingluck to resign from her position as a Prime Minister because she’s not too old to be a nude model and she hasn’t stopped having her menstrual periods.

4. If no one really wants Yingluck, I am willing to be her servant. I will buy and change her sanitary napkins forever. 

You can access the audio clip (in Thai) at this link:]

This speech insults, sexually harasses, and strongly demeans the human dignity of women. It reflects the lack of conscience from this medical professional who must strictly adhere to strong ethical conduct and respect of all genders, an oath taken by all individuals entering into this profession.  This is just one such incident, among many, that the coalition has witnessed in which inimical and vitriolic language has been employed as a political instrument.   

The Coalition on Democracy and Sexual Diversity Rights, along with various organizations and individuals who have endorsed this statement, condemn this form of sexual harassment and its use as a political tool of attack. We affirm that we are against this behavior of sexism and violation of human dignity from all political parties and call upon them to abide by the following demands:

1) All political groups must end the use of misogyny, the use of political rhetoric that promotes hatred among each other based on sexuality, and abstain from any use of gender and sexuality as political weapons.

2) The media and press exert precautions and be vigilant towards these antagonistic statements as they propagate sexual prejudice, discrimination, and create further hatred on the basis of sexuality and gender; promoting structural violence in Thai society which may escalate into additional political and direct violence.

The Coalition on Democracy and Sexual Diversity Rights along with multiple organizations and individuals who have endorsed this statement, believe that peace, equality, and democratic principles remain inconceivable if individuals continue to foster sexual harassment and abuse the human dignity of women and society at large.

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